Welcome to Galaxy Mentor Network

Published on February 26, 2022


On behalf of Galaxy Project, we welcome you to Galaxy Mentor Network.

Whoop whoop!

What is the Galaxy Mentor Network ?

Galaxy Mentor Network (GMN) is a community of mentors and mentees. The GMN is launching a two-month mentoring program designed for Galaxy community members to come together as mentors and mentees to achieve a goal, share knowledge and expertise, ask questions, receive feedback, network, and most of all, get support from peers (mentors).

An image showing the program timeline

This mentoring program will help members transition smoothly from one part of the community to another. It will also help members learn how to use the Galaxy tools and servers efficiently, create training material, or launch and support communities. The end goal of this project is to develop more experienced members and to speed up the growth process for new members who join the community.

The project goes to show how people-centered the Galaxy community is. Anyone (students, engineers, researchers, etc) will have the opportunity to be mentored by topic-based experts and mentors.

For whom is the GMN program?

The program goes to show how people-centered the Galaxy community is. Everyone (students, researchers, engineers, etc) will have the opportunity to mentor and/or to be mentored by topic-based experts.

The GMN program involves:

  • Gmentees (Galaxy Mentees): Galaxy members who need support and guidance from the Galaxy community members.
  • Gmentors (Galaxy Mentors): experienced Galaxy members who are driven by the spirit of “giving back” make their expertise and experience at Galaxy and beyond available to other Galaxy members to support them in contributing to Galaxy and transitioning from one part of the Galaxy community to another.

How does this benefit me?

This GMN project is a win-win for all participants. Mentors grow in experience, gain new leadership skills and sharpen their expertise, while members can learn about open source, how to create materials, or even carry out their projects with expert supervision and guidance.

The benefits of the GMN program include:

  • Mentees receive expert advice on their projects, goals, and the community.

    • Shorter learning curve through the mentorship relationship.
    • Enhancement of confidence to actively participate in the Galaxy community.
  • Members are empowered to acquire important social, organizational, and technical skills.
  • Mentors grow their expertise by guiding members of the community.

    • An opportunity to share experience and knowledge.
    • Learning and leadership opportunities

How do I apply?

To apply as either a Gmentor or Gmentee, fill out this form and also check out the application guidelines.

When are you launching the program?

We are also inviting you to our official launch of the Galaxy Mentor Network on the 3rd of March.

The event is spanning all time zones with our worldwide community, where we will answer any questions you have regarding the GMN program.

Join us for our exciting online launch event where we will be telling you everything you need to know about the Galaxy Mentor Network program and answer any questions you may have as regards the program.

What will be the agenda?

  • Introduction to the Galaxy Mentor Network by Outreachy interns (Chinonye and Rahmot).
  • GMN Website Demo.
  • Q & A with the audience.

Check out this document to have a detail overview of the agenda and we will also be using the document during the call.

How to join?

This will be a 24h online event, spanning all time zones with our worldwide community. We'll start at 08:00 Central European time, and end at 12:00 US Eastern time.

  • GMN Launch Call 1 - EMEA

  • GMN Launch Call 2 - Americas

  • On Matrix, the whole day and before or after

We look forward to seeing you there!

Need more information?

On behalf of the GMN team, we welcome you to our mentoring program and look forward to seeing you at the launch event.