Application Guidelines


The Galaxy Community Mentorship program is open to everyone who meets the following requirements:


  • You are a member of the community i.e member of one of our channels.
  • You have an intended project or you are willing to take on one of the projects suggested to you by your mentor.
  • You are willing to take full responsibility for the completion of your project.
  • Mentees will be required to devote about 5 hours weekly to their projects.
  • Meeting calls of about 30 minutes will be held between mentees and mentors every two weeks.


  • You are an active member of the community (for example, in the channels, contributing to the Galaxy GitHub repositories, events, e.t.c)
  • Willing to give detailed and timely reviews of the projects and contributions of your mentees.
  • You are willing to meet with the mentee every 2 weeks for a 30 minutes call.
  • Mentors will be required to mentor for at least 8 weeks.
  • Mentors will be expected to recommend helpful projects if the mentee has no intended projects during application.

Matching Process

We try to take into account the reality that everybody (including the Network Managers) is busy and nobody is working only on the Galaxy Mentor Network.

So, instead of trying to scan and send applications on the fly, we would like to use a timeframe of 2 months (which also corresponds to the duration of the program).

People can apply whenever they want, like a rolling admission. But the Network Manager will only process applications every 2 months. Our process will change as well. We will:

  • Format the application
  • Scan them, possibly rejecting the ones where the expectations are too large, not timely or could be done by following some training or are a pure research/data analysis project
  • Copy interesting applications into a Google document
  • Share the Google document with GMentors and give them 2 weeks to express their interest

    • If a GMentor expresses interest, the Network Managers will connect them with their GMentee match
    • If no one expresses interest within a 2 week time frame, we will contact potential GMentors and encourage the match


  • Mentees receive expert advice on their projects, goals, and the community.
  • Shorter learning curve through the mentorship relationship.
  • Members are empowered to acquire important social, organizational, and technical skills.
  • Mentors grow their expertise by guiding members of the community.
  • An opportunity to share experience and knowledge.
  • Learning and leadership opportunity.

How to apply

  1. Check the application template:

  2. Click on the application link to fill the form.
  3. Answer all questions (Tip: be yourself, we want to know you and what you want to achieve with this mentorship).
  4. Review your answers and click submit.

We wish you the very best of luck!